Elder’s Day Celebration
May 4, 2014
Shri R. Sankar’s death anniversary
January 28, 2016



The college focuses on extracurricular activities also. We conducted a General Knowledge Screening Test on 1st October, 2015. A panel of names of the winners is kept for future participation in quiz competitions outside the college.

In order to test the literary creativity of our students we conducted a creative writing competition on 28th September 2015. This screening tested the skill of students in literary creativity in poetry composition, essay writing and short story writing both in Malayalam and English. There was an enthusiastic participation by the students.

Communication skills help one to secure a job in the present day. To test the oratorical skill of the students an elocution contest was conducted on 30-Sep-2015.            A small number of students took part in the competition. Many attended the meet to cheer the speakers. The paucity of the number of participants is ascribed to the stage fear many students have. Remedial measures will be taken under the banner of a Debating Society to be constituted soon.